HBD Companies manufacture aerospace and aviation products serving a diverse range of applications, such as components for jet engines, aircraft structures, ground support equipment and many others. We are dedicated to providing quality, precision products to aerospace OEMs and end users.

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HBD Brand products provide exceptional performance for many types of agriculture, farming and food processing equipment. HBD Companies manufacture products and components used by OEM customers to till/cultivate the soil, harvest crops, transport raw food products and process these into finished containers of dairy, grain, fruits, meat, seasonings, vegetable and other foods.

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HBD Companies produce products used on the work site to components used on machinery processing raw materials into finished building products. Our products and components are made to perform and provide solutions for end users and OEMs construction companies.

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HBD Companies manufacture exceptional military /defense-oriented products. We have a long history of supplying Military OEMs and the US DOD. Many HBD Brands are considered defense industry standards and we produce ours to ensure successful, military mission performance.

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HBD Companies manufacture efficient, innovative electro-mechanical and industrial rubber products providing effective solutions for material handling. Our companies offer a diverse range of quality products, such as conveyor belting, bulk-transfer hoses, motors, speed reducers and many others necessary to meet demanding, material handling applications.

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HBD Companies produce many critical components and products serving a wide range of medical and health applications. From orthopedic implants to motors used to power medical scanner beds, HBD Companies use extensive application expertise, superior engineering knowledge and quality manufacturing to produce products to the exacting standards needed for our medical OEM customers.

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From forging exotic metal alloys into aviation structural pieces to developing metal die molds used for manufacturing metal tools of all types, HBD Companies supplies metal processing mills, foundries and OEMS with quality products and components. Our metalworking/machining expertise and experience can offer your company products designed and crafted to increase efficiency while at the same time reducing costs and downtime.

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HBD Companies manufacture a diverse range of products and components for mining and drilling applications. From die molds used to produce drill bits to powerful motors running coal man trips, HBD Brand products and components are built to meet the demanding conditions and challenges of the mining and drilling industry. Many mine operators; mining and drilling OEMs rely on the quality, products manufactured by HBD Companies.

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From exploration to processing, transportation and delivery, HBD Companies manufacture products like rotary drilling hose, pump motors and other petro-chemical equipment imperative to maintaining a continuous flow-through vital to this market. Many petro-chemical OEMs and end-users use HBD Brand products to help them insure full supply lines to their customers.

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HBD Companies manufacture products used in fossil fuel, hydro, nuclear and other alternative energy power generation systems. We manufacture a wide variety of electro-mechanical products for end users and OEMs. HBD Companies use innovative technologies to produce their products to improve energy efficiency and provide top performance for power generation solutions.

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HBD Companies design and manufacture superior products for demanding electro-mechanical, power transmission applications. OEMs and end users know HBD Brand motors, drives; gearing and equipment deliver effective performance, are designed to eliminate down-time, provide long term service and reduce costly maintenance.

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HBD Companies manufacture many critical components and products for automobiles, railroads, marine craft, aircraft and other transportation applications. These products are manufactured to provide efficient, easy to- maintain, cost-effective solutions for our transportation OEM customers and end users.

HBD Companies apply the same quality manufacturing expertise and engineering knowledge to produce products and components for our Utility market customers. From speed reducers and gearing products used on wastewater treatment equipment to pump motors helping generate nuclear energy worldwide, HBD Companies manufacture products designed to increase efficiency while reducing costs and downtime for our Utility equipment OEMs.

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