HBD Industries, Inc. is a privately-held diversified manufacturer of highly engineered products. With a heritage dating back to 1864, HBD Industries has grown through acquisition of niche manufacturing businesses to expand its presence and offerings. Today, HBD Companies produce alloy components, industrial rubber and power transmission solutions serving industrial market segments.

Our History


H.K. Porter Company established


Mr. Thomas Mellon Evans purchases H.K. Porter Company

1945 – 1987

H. K. Porter Company acquires:

  • Quaker Rubber Corporation (Founded 1883)
  • Quaker Pioneer Rubber Mills, Inc. (Founded 1889)
  • Trenton Rubber Corporation (Founded 1870) and the Thermoid ® Brand name
  • B.F. Goodrich Industrial Rubber Products Group (Founded 1883)
  • Carolina Rubber Rolls Company (Founded 1942)


HBD Industries, Inc. established


HBD Industries, Inc. acquires from H. K. Porter Company

  • HBD/Thermoid, Inc. (Founded 1923)
  • Madison Manufacturing Company (Founded 1893)
  • Ohio Electric Motors, Inc. (Founded 1917)
  • Ohio Magnetics, Inc. (Founded 1917)
  • Peerless Electric (Founded 1893)
  • Perfection Gear, Inc. (Founded 1936)
  • Winsmith (Founded 1901)

1990 – 2010

HBD Industries, Inc. acquires:

  • Buckeye Rubber Products (Founded 1932)
  • California Drop Forge, Inc. (Founded 1901)
  • Hydro Carbide, Inc. (Founded 1974)
  • POWERTEC Industrial Motors, Inc. (Founded 1987)
  • Precision Metal Products, Inc. (Founded 1963)
HBD Companies consist of the following:

Alloy Components

California Drop Forge, Inc.

produces Closed Die Forgings and Machined Products. It was established in 1901.

Hydro Carbide, Inc.

manufactures Pre-formed Composition Products and was founded in 1974.

Precision Metal Products, Inc.

produces Net/Near-net Forgings and Machined Components. It was founded in 1963.

Industrial Rubber Products

HBD/Thermoid, Inc.

manufactures coated rubber fabrics, conveyor belting, ducting, hose, power transmission belts, bands and rolls. The Thermoid® rubber brand was established in 1883.

Power Transmission Products

Ohio Electric Motor, Inc.

produces Standard and Custom DC Motors. It was founded in 1917.

Ohio Magnetics, Inc.

produces Lifting Magnets, Magnetic Separation and Magnetic Power Equipment. It was established in 1917.

Peerless Electric

manufactures Specialty AC and DC motors. The company was established in 1893.

POWERTEC Industrial Motors, Inc.

produces Brushless AC/DC motors, drives and controllers. It was started in 1987.

Winsmith, Inc.

manufactures Standard/Modified Speed Reducers and Gearing Products. It was established in 1901.